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Contemporary Legal and Economic Issues IV

Autor: uredile: Ivana Barković Bojanić i Mira Lulić
Br. stranica: 333
Godina izdavanja: 2015.
Nakladnik: Pravni Fakultet U Osijeku
Uvez: meki

  • Model/ISBN: 978-953-6072-72-9
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Contributions to the book are made by individual authors and co-authors coming from international academic community who are providing a global perspective to various economic and legal issues, whereby economic and legal principles are applied to real problems. The book promotes scientific writing as the primary tool of academics and scholars to disseminate thoughts, ideas, research results and boldly present them to the professional and lay public for discussion, praies and critics ; it promotes cooperation between students and professors ; international cooperation between individuals and institutions ; it proves through topics covered that nearly all issues, in this case related to the law and economics, have the strict realm of purely domestic jurisdiction. The book is intended as teaching and learning material in particular courses since it offers a reflection of current topics dealt in the fields of law and economics, as well as it can be very instructive text for wider audience who find legal and economic issues challenging.

Autor uredile: Ivana Barković Bojanić i Mira Lulić
Br. stranica 333
Godina izdavanja 2015.
Nakladnik Pravni Fakultet U Osijeku
Uvez meki

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